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Renewing a Worn-Out Fence Clean an old, damaged fence and make it look new. Here are a few tips. With the use of a power washer and an oil stain you can make your fence look brand new. Removing Stubborn Dirt Power washers deliver high pressure water jets. Your fence will be stripped by the power washer. It will remove all kinds of dirt. The fence can get deeply scarred and ruined by its powerful water jets. This is why it is also important to understand how the power sprayer works.
Why People Think Renovations Are A Good Idea
Used correctly, the power sprayer works well to your advantage. This helps later in the application of the wood stain.
Why People Think Renovations Are A Good Idea
Power washers are efficient in getting the job done of cleaning old fences. A wide angle tip is recommended for cleaning old fences. Don’t be ‘trigger-happy’ with a power sprayer. A power sprayer is a fairly easy equipment to use. Tie all loose plants or vegetation growing alongside the fence. You will likely get wet so wear water-proof clothing. The width of the water spray needs to come in contact with the boards evenly. You will see clear changes in the color of the wood as you clean it. You only need to clean the wood a little with the use of a power sprayer. Adding Years to Your Fence You may now see the extent of damage that your fence has suffered and what kind of repairs you need to do. Broken or split planks can be repaired using waterproof wood glue. Bind separated joints with corrosion-free bolts and nuts instead of common wire nails for better fitting together. Turnbuckle supports can be used to straighten up the fence gate. Use wood preservative where your fence touches the ground. Be aware that your fence rots first at the bottom part. The natural blend of the wood’s color can be enhanced by using semi-transparent oil stain. It gives an added amount of shade to the natural color tone of your wood. Seal It and Stain It Do not apply sealer or stain unless the fence has completely dried after washing. Depending on the weather and how old the fence is, it is best to let it dry completely. You might observe that the color of the wood is darker than normal. Choose a toned sealer to bring out the natural shades of the wood. Use a paint roller to apply a good soak to the wood. Let the sealer be absorbed by the wood as much as it can. Brush the sealer into the wood after the sealer has been applied by the paint roller. Make sure all areas including the corners are completely sealed. Avoid lap marks. Hire Professionals Hire someone else to do the job if you think you are not capable to do it yourself. These companies charge corresponding fees depending on the nature of the repair and maintenance your fence requires.

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