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Portable Misting Fans And Why Do You Need It

Every summer we are having trouble of staying cool without having you to worry about your bill shooting through the roof The simplest solution is to have a portable misting fan in your home and the best thing is that you can always move it wherever you want to stay cool.

If you are looking for ways while going green and beating the summer heat, let me tell you, you have already found it. For one hour of cooling, it is estimated that it will consume one gallon of water. Nozzles will also help you control the amount of water vapor it releases because the nozzles can be adjusted. The misting system of the fan are often detachable from the portable misting fans. This will then allow you to use the fan without the need to produce mist that will meet your cooling needs.

From backyard, shops, garage, outdoor and warehouses portable misting fans can easily be placed. Whether you are having BBQ in your backyard or fixing your car in your garage on a hot summer, then you can use the portable misting fan. You can adjust the height of the portable misting fan that will meet your needs.

The process that the misting system uses is called evaporative cooling. high pressure pump is used to push the water out of the nozzle which can either be stainless steel and brass that has only 5 micrometers of opening, this will the produce a micro fine misting Due to the very small droplet that being produced from the misting fan it instantly evaporated especially with high temperature. The flash evaporation will also help reduce the surrounding air temperature within seconds. To help you maintain the functionality of the fan you have to make sure that the filters are being changes once every year and the water tanks needs to be conditioned. This are very simple things and by doing such, it will keep you fan in a good working condition.

Environment friendly and efficient, this is why it is important for you to consider having the portable misting fan as it will greatly help you in cooling down during the hot summer. The good thing about misting fan is that it has a lot of features that you can take advantage off and you can use it according to your preference.
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